General Construction

UTB- United Technology, Inc. provides the full resource of construction services with the highest professional standards. UTB- United Technology, Inc. does it all; interiors, exteriors, renovations, and new construction. We provide an expert team that is tailored to the specific project, from small to large projects. Customized planning meets the budget, schedule, and program of every project. We thrive on developing creative, dynamic, client driven results, no matter the scope or complexity. From its start in 1999, UTB-United Technology, Inc. has become synonymous with providing top quality work that is completed on time and on budget. From project management to demolition, earth work, masonry, carpentry, and completed projects, we take you all the way. As an experienced general contractor, UTB-United Technology, Inc. has all the in-house capability you need for outstanding success. UTB-United Technology, Inc. is fully insured and bonded to handle construction projects up to 50 million dollars. You can be confident that UTB-United Technology, Inc. has the ability to self-perform most aspects of any construction project. We are known for taking as much care in communication as we do in construction. With careful communication between the office, schedulers, architects and project managers, UTB- United Technology, Inc. makes it possible to maintain the highest level of quality control while completing the project on time. At UTB- United Technology, Inc. we are committed to maintaining a safe, OSHA compliant working environment on every project performed.