At UTB- United Technology, Inc.
we provide innovative solutions, dedicated focus and tireless determination to deliver the ultimate in construction services. UTB- United Technology, Inc. was incorporated in 1999, the President Mr. Mohan Sharma. Mr. Sharma has been in the building and engineering trade for over 25 years. He personally interviews and tests all prospective employees to assure that they will be an asset to the company; he also oversees all of the construction projects to assure quality control of the workmanship and timely progress in the job schedule. His belief in maintaining the highest standard in job site safety has assured a clean and accident free record. The reputation for quality and excellence has made the continuous growth of UTB- United Technology, Inc. possible. Over the years we have established solid relationships and credit lines with various suppliers, subcontractors, and manufacturers to assure that UTB- United Technology, Inc. will always be able to give the customer what they deserve.